Posted by: earthandbeyond | July 28, 2008

Did we go to the Moon? This video has me convinced!!

So, did we really go to the moon? There are some people who think the Apollo missions were a hoax. They talk about how it must have been done in a studio, they argue about how things are all wrong with the mission by using “science” and so-called “logic.” Well, here’s a video that will convince everyone that it was a hoax.

Now, I hope that you’ve watched it completely and agree with me……ok, never mind. We did go to the Moon. This video was, of course, a joke. But a very funny one that mocks the hoax theory believers. I laughed quite a bit when I saw this.

Now, let’s get back to the Moon and start living there!



  1. That WAS pretty funny!.I always enjoy watching moon hoax videos and making comments.Funny part is the hoax believers never back up their claims and always seem to tip toe around giving a answer!.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. Their claims are also quite easy to refute with actual science and evidence. But when you use real evidence and science in a discussion with them, they ignore it or try to argue against it with failed logic.

  3. “It is commonly known that astronauts have two feet.”
    How can you disagree with that? That is irrefutable proof that the premise of the video is correct?

  4. Well, they could have been robots. Robots don’t need 2 feet. You saw them waving the flag, right? But I guess those robots had 2 feet. Hmm.

  5. No,Robots just very good actors, on a set , with proven markings and stage settings. There is no wind in space – read your school books, The flag could not have waived. Our Government wanted to LOOK superior so they hoaxed it. Get over USA It was a fake, a phony, a fraud, a Falicy, and if you belive that we have been to the moon I have ocean front property in Colorado to sell you. Have a Nice Day

    • I’m sorry, but your claims have all been debunked. 12 men have walked on the moon. It is a fact. There is no way that the thousands of people who have worked on the Apollo program, including the civilian engineering companies that contributed to it, can keep silent about something this big. There is no way it could be kept secret. However, the only people who are saying it was faked are people who have not been involved at all. People who have little expertise. People who will believe in any conspiracy theory. Sorry, but you can keep your riverfront property in Colorado. There is no ocean in Colorado. And yes, I know you were being sarcastic. I live in reality. Please join it.

  6. […] Still alive, and I got visited by a hoax believer I haven’t been very active in this blog lately.  But I just checked on reent comments, and it appears that a Moon landing hoax believer posted a comment at this post: […]

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