Posted by: earthandbeyond | July 31, 2008

The Lord’s Boot Camp

I’ll be brief. Just watching a CBS documentary about the Lord’s Boot Camp where kids have do religion related activities in preparation for going to third world countries to help people (more likely try to convert the people to Christianity in addition to trying to help them). What saddens me is to see some of these kids say things like this: “I can’t believe there are people who believe in these things like the Big Bang and evolution and crazy stuff like that.” And then there was a former Atheist who said that it was hard to give up believing in evolution and science. One kid actually doesn’t care about the religion, she just wanted to go to Africa to help kids. She just went through the whole thing for that. The leader of the boot camp said that they are just bringing truth to these kids. I’d like him to say why he knows it’s the truth. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of kids in the USA who are going around to talk to kids age 10-19, and basically try to convert them to Christianity. One kid said that she felt sorry for people who wouldn’t take her survey. The kid talked to a Mormon, and said to her that she will pray for her to be a Christian. The Mormon’s mother was not at all happy!

I’d like to say one thing. If you are feeling sorry for me for not believing there is a god, please don’t. Don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t need your pity. I’m happy with my life, and I feel very fortunate to have the life I have. God didn’t give me life, my parents did. God isn’t in my heart, my family is. It’s the way I want to live, so please don’t try to change it.

Anyway, one thing that really struck me about this documentary is that some of these kids were against science. People who believe in science are crazy, apparently.



  1. I can honestly say that I’m glad that I missed that show. I have a real problem with people of any faith (or lack of) going out to convert others.

    A bigger frustration for me is the whole situation with children being indoctrinated by their parents. I acknowledge that the parents have every right to teach their kids as they see fit. The fact that they are quite possibly affecting the child’s life by stifling inquiry and critical thinking is frustrating and is bordering on abuse.

    We can try to fight the ‘abuse’ in public schools by teaching science, but that is not enough, especially since many science teachers are not taught how to teach science and in some cases don’t believe the facts they teach.

  2. My parents never tried to tell me anything about religion. They let me decide for myself. They had absolutely no influence on what I believe (or don’t believe) today. My dad’s parents were strongly religious, and I always felt uncomfortable around them.

    And I know what you mean about the teachers. I had one biology teacher who wasn’t sure about some of the things she was teaching. Would you believe that she actually asked me when she didn’t know? I was the science geek in school (got the awards, scholarships, etc for being top in science and math), and my own teacher asked me because she didn’t know! Something is wrong there. My other science teachers were good, and they knew what they were doing. My physics teacher was great, and I really enjoyed his class. Why? He loved physics, and really enjoyed teaching it. Some of the demonstrations were quite fun. That is the kind of science teacher schools should have.

  3. I just had lunch with a friend who recently moved to southern California. He told me that he met someone who was a high school science teacher who believed the moon hoax nonsense!

    Some days I honesty feel like the human race is doomed…

  4. With the decline in science education, I can only imagine that the USA’s high level of science and technology will be surpassed by many countries, and they will be left behind in research and innovation. That is a major part of what advances a country’s economy, as well. All that research and development that went into the Apollo program has had a lot of effects on our daily lives. I guess the moon hoax believers want science to stagnate, too?

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