Posted by: earthandbeyond | August 13, 2008

Dubya, you are an idiot

Why do you hate the world so much?  You seem to act like the world is your playground and you can do whatever you want.  Well, now you’re taking the scientists out of the equation when determining whether to develop where protected species live.  Basically, you removed the experts.  Developers can just build without waiting for an assessment by federal agencies and scientists.  I’ll be happy when you’re out of office, and someone who is actually competent takes over the presidency.  Dubya, you are the worst president in American history.  It amazes me how you could have been re-elected 4 years ago.  Are you getting paid off by developers for making this asinine decision?  Clinton went through impeachment for an extra-marital affair.  What does Bush get?  Nothing at all, and he broke many international laws.  Bush, you are a criminal, plain and simple.


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