Posted by: earthandbeyond | September 14, 2008

The power of and the internet

It’s amazing what technology can do today.  The internet has provided the world a way for people to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world.  It has also given us a way to find any information we need, go shopping, be entertained, read news, and more.  Well, for those of you who frequent, one user, joe8122 has appealed to the users of Fark for donations for his 9 year old son, Brett, who has a very rare form of brain cancer.  The treatment, which is in clinical trials, has shown to be very effective in putting the cancer into remission.  However, they need $100,000 for the treatment, as Medicaid won’t pay for it.  Thanks to the efforts of Fark members, they have made over $30,000.  Their story has been covered by Tuscaloosa News, thanks to Fark.  But they still need more help.  For more information, check out their website.

One thing that this has shown is that Fark actually does have a lot of decent, generous people.  I’m shocked!



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