Posted by: earthandbeyond | October 10, 2008

President McCain means stone-age USA?

I try not to get into politics, especially American politics, as I’m not American and don’t live in the USA. However, just watching the whole presidential debate, and looking at old man McCain and his creationist sidekick Sarah Palin makes me imagine what would happen if the USA was all like McCain and Palin. I was reading this Bad Astronomy article about McCain’s uneducated opinion about planetaria and thought that if the USA was all like McCain and Palin, the anti-science feeling would be so strong that the USA may as well be in the stone-ages. Science gave the world ALL of the technology that we have. Without science, the USA would be living like the Amish. Actually, many of the things the Amish use were created through invention, which involves a lot of science.

Really, is McCain stupid? He has a lot of experience, but to be so anti-science, it just doesn’t make sense. His selection of Palin as his running mate makes even less sense. She doesn’t understand the VP position. She doesn’t understand the world. She doesn’t understand the USA. She doesn’t understand science. Hell, her father was a science teacher, and now she pretty much thinks that what he taught was nonsense. Just reading around, I notice some other opinions of hers. She supports the US military operations that have been happening in Pakistan, even though it’s illegal and a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. She initiated a lawsuit against the US government for naming a beluga whale and polar bear endangered species. Why? They are endangered. She supports creationism in public schools. Ok, put it in a religion or philosophy class, but keep it out of science classes. I can keep on going, but I’ll stop here.

Just as an added little bit, if McCain gets elected and dies while in office, Palin becomes President. It’s not just the USA that’s in trouble, but the whole world could be in trouble if this woman takes the helm of the world’s most powerful nation.

Post your thoughts.


  1. I agree that the McCain/Palin ticket is not the choice of most scientists. The points you make regarding the individuals are certainly valid and have been widely discussed.

    This however is nothing new for the Republican party. In the US, we are nearing the end of 8 years of an anti-science administration. The governments own scientists have been essentially censored, especially in the area of climate change. The administration took the right wing line for years that global warming didn’t even exist.

    In the 80s, the Reagan administration took a very conservative line of many environmental issues such as endangered species. As the religious right (RR) has coalesced and become a powerful figure in the party, things have gotten worse in terms of science.

    The good news is that science and technology have always marched on, despite who is in the White House.

    In my opinion the battleground that needs to be fought is at the local level. I believe that there is an educational crisis on the horizon (in the US at least) in terms of science, math, and technology. A lack of interest in the subjects combined with the RR’s efforts to erode scientific discipline could result in us slipping behind.

  2. I guess it is like a cycle. But yeah, it doesn’t matter who is President, science will continue. But my thoughts were if the entire USA were a bunch of McCain/Palin clones, it would be extremely different. Just glad it isn’t like that.

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