Posted by: earthandbeyond | October 16, 2008

Translucent Ice on Mars

This is just a really fascinating image I found at the HiRISE website. Just take a look at it.

What you see is near the North Pole of Mars. The white is ice. The blue spots are dunes. According to the image information page, the streaks behind the dunes are likely the direction that the wind has blown recently. I frequent the HiRISE website quite often, and many of the pictures are amazing. But for some reason, this one just caught my eye. Impressive and beautiful!

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona



  1. It is quite aesthetically pleasing. Without a description I would have had no idea whatsoever what it was, never mind the scale.

    Time to start saving for the next hiking trip – traversing the north polar cap of Mars…

  2. I know what you mean. Just looking at it, I’d have no idea it was ice and dunes. I studied some geology in university, but this kind of feature just doesn’t happen on Earth.

    Good luck hiking there.

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