Posted by: earthandbeyond | October 22, 2008

I’ll learn the truth from who???

So, I made a comment on a Youtube video, the contents of which I don’t recall at the moment.  But that’s not really important.  Someone said that the Great Flood created all the canyons in the world.  I said that a flood can’t create something so extensively large like the Grand Canyon.  He then sent me a private message providing me a place to find the proof, and also find out all the lies in science textbooks.  Who was he recommending me to listen to?  Kent Hovind.  The convicted fraud.  The creationist who makes so many fundamental scientific mistakes in his explanations.  I pointed this out to the guy who PMed me, but he’ll probably say I’ve been taught scientific lies all my life.  What a joke.  There’s something that I have that convinces me that science is true.  I actually did research and experiments in various fields of science in university, including physics, astronomy, chemistry, atmospheric sciences and geology.  I verified for myself what I have been taught.  That’s something that a university education has given me, the ability to search for the truth myself.  I did.  And the science isn’t lying to me.  I’m not lying to myself.  And the guy who PMed me?  He’s not even old enough to have a university education.  He’s probably not even studied science, other than high school science.  But these people don’t listen to reason.  This guy believes in a fraud and liar.  Wow.



  1. The fact that there are people like Kent Hovind is not at all surprising. The fact that there are people who believe his nonsense is very troubling, though again, not particularly surprising.

    Hovind and numerous other creationists have been systematically undermining scientific inquiry for years simply because the more science teaches us, the less we need to look for answers in scripture. They can’t win on scientific arguments so the tact is to attack science. That approach has worked and is one of the reasons that people don’t understand or trust science.

    At least in Hovind’s case, he’s been marginalized a bit because of his belief in conspiracy theories as well as his apparent hubris with regards to tax law.

  2. Oops. I wasn’t logged in when I left that last comment. Sounds like some type of technological conspiracy… 😉

  3. Some people seem to want to cling to what Hovind has said. I think one thing that gets them is that he’s been a school teacher, and some people think school teachers can’t be wrong. They know what they’re talking about. Right. I once had a biology teacher who asked me about some things because she didn’t know, but I did.

  4. Most people don’t realize that the majority of science teachers only studied general education in college. You don’t need to have a background in science or even to understand basic science in order to teach it in most municipalities in the US. That is why the traditional method of teaching science is to just teach it as facts from a text book. The whole scientific method and self-correcting aspects are totally lost in many cases.

  5. I agree. Although most of my science teachers in high school did have a degree in their science field, a couple were just general education. It’s easy to see who’s who. Also, I have more science qualifications than all of my junior high science teachers (one of which was also my PE teacher). I should say that my science classes in high school were all very easy. Well, looking back now, they look easy.

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