Posted by: earthandbeyond | November 2, 2008

The most ridiculously false Big Bang explanation

Wow. I just watched a video on Youtube about how the Big Bang is a big lie. The video was created by CreationsTruth. This should already make you know that this will be filled with fallacies. Well, the video can’t be embedded, so just click here to watch it.

Have you watched it? Good. Don’t bother to make comments on the video, as the video’s creator doesn’t allow any comments that are against their opinion. I’m not one of those debunkers who will go through everything and explain away every mistake. I’ll leave someone else to do that. I’ll just make a few comments about the video.

First, the analogy is so simplistic and doesn’t even apply to the universe. First, the universe isn’t sitting on a table. Second, the planets and stars weren’t packed close together in a small area. They hadn’t formed yet! The expansion of the universe doesn’t take apart gravitationally bound systems. It does not affect a galaxy, it does not affect planets and their orbits, it does not affect our Moon. Yes, the Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth, but that has to do with angular momentum of the Earth-Moon system. But the whole pea analogy is what irritates me. The peas are on a table, subject to friction from both table and air. Of course they aren’t going to keep expanding apart. Also, they don’t clump together because their gravity is so weak, especially when the frictional force from the table is much, much stronger. The universe is a vacuum (well, almost a vacuum, but pretty darn close), there is no table making the planets and stars stop moving. The planets and stars did not just come together in groups. Large clouds of gas and dust gravitationally collapsed to form the stars and planets, as well as the galaxies.

Creationists, please think a little before making videos like this. Please read a bit about the subject you’re trying to say is false. Scientists don’t just make things up to lie to people. They are working hard to discover new things and learn about how the universe works. They’re not trying to deceive people. Scientists invite open debate about the science, actually. They invite others to do research for themselves. And I mean actual research. Not consulting the bible, not reading the internet, not listening to or watching Kent Hovind’s speeches. Use your brain.

Please comment everyone. Let’s discuss.



  1. Well said. Creationists should be ashamed to belittle the elegant reality of our universe in such a way.

  2. Thanks for the comment. All I ask is that anyone, not just creationists, do sufficient research before they talk about something they obviously don’t understand. Criticizing something because it conflicts with their beliefs isn’t very constructive. This is especially true for things like science. Science uses evidence, a LOT of evidence. It isn’t just made up.

  3. Personally, I really try not to invest too much time into this nonsense or get too worked up about it. (I do often fail however and get quite perturbed.)

    As we’ve discussed, Creationists are now attacking science in general, not just evolutionary biology. As scientific inquiry tells us more about the universe and everything in it, it diverges further from the beliefs of the Biblical literalists.

    Since they have no cognitive mechanism in which to question their beliefs, they resort to any attacks that they can muster regardless of logic or evidence.

  4. I found this video more humourous than anything, but there are people who actually believe this. They will take anything from a creationist on youtube and believe it. They don’t think for themselves. That’s what’s disturbing. But all I ask is for the makers of these videos to actually think. They often give extremely flawed arguments that they believe is scientifically correct, but has no relation to actual science. They thrive on misinformation.

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