Posted by: earthandbeyond | April 26, 2009

Sundogs, a conspiracy?

I’ve known about this one Youtube user for a while now, and her videos just make me want to slap my forehead and shake my head.  She seems to think sundogs are manmade.  She also thinks that rainbows from a sprinkler are from HAARP, as they supposedly never appeared 20 years ago.  Well, I remember seeing those rainbows 25 years ago.  I also understood the physics behind them.  Rainbows and sundogs are similar concepts, refraction of sunlight through water drops or ice crystals.  She thinks the ice crystals in the atmosphere are created by the government.  She thinks that it’s some sort of UV shield that the US government created, or something like that.  Just watch.

You can also check out her channel.

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